CRL METAL(SUZHOU) CO.,LTD is a production of precipitation hardened steel, dual phase steel (super), corrosion resistance, high temperature alloy/heat resistant alloy, pure titanium/titanium alloy and other kinds of special stainless steel and pure titanium/titanium alloy materials for the expertise of professional technology company. Developing in recent years by their own efforts and quality services in good faith and thought, in the domestic special, special stainless steel and titanium alloy materials have a certain visibility and reputation, for domestic and foreign famous enterprises such as CNPC, sinopec, the deep blue ocean, nokia, dalian material such as nuclear power valve used unit of praise.

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Shipbuilding Plan

Marine aluminium plate is the product of the development and applicati...

Shipbuilding Plan1

Aeronautics and astronautics

The current global airlines and the entire aerospace in fierce competi...

Aeronautics and astronautics2

Automotive lightweighting

Changruilong metal supplies automotive materials, widely used in the m...

Automotive lightweighting3

Military solution

We imprive national defese equipment precision and performance      ...

Military solution4

Mould application

CHANGRUILONG metal mould is a leading global automobile industry suppl...

Mould application5

Non - standard customization

Special industry solutions            ...

Non - standard customization6

Medical program

Growing market challengesAging, more and more obese people. Costs are ...

Medical program7

Railway plan

Bogie            The few elements on t...

Railway plan8


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