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Mould application

CRL METAL(SUZHOU) mould is a leading global automobile industry suppliers.We are now for more than 10 different models across the high-end mould material, many of the world we quality brands have asked for the latest innovative product data information.We build partnerships with other industries, to jointly create the next generation of cars, to meet consumer demand for performance, at the same time helps to create a more sustainable world for everyone.

To create a sustainable future

Automobile industry is undergoing major changes.In the past few decades, consumers will first consider the speed, aesthetics and comfort.Next will consider factors such as fuel economy and emissions of greenhouse gases.Now, new consumer demand, and government regulations make the above factors changes.Consumers can first consider buying low emissions and high mileage cars.Only lightweight vehicle structure have the two properties.Brought challenges to carmakers, make its search for a new method, both can meet the requirements of consumers on beauty, comfort and performance, at the same time can improve the vehicle's fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Automobile manufacturers around the world must produce lighter weight, easier to recycle car, at the same time meet the requirements of performance, design, safety and intensity.Design and manufacture of cars and as a result, they seek a new method of lighter materials.

Material advantage

This is many auto brand manufacturers to choose Australia feng metal manufacturing the next generation of cars.CHANGRUILONG metal materials provided advantage allows manufacturers to meet consumer demand for the performance and characteristics, but also to ensure that save fuel, reduce emissions and life terminated circulating sex, it is essential for a sustainable future.

Distribution of products quickly become the ideal material selection, it has the following features:

S quality is light, the cars weight is lighter, less consumption, operation more convenient, driving a higher sensitivity.

S high intensity, after appropriate processing and forming, strength can be comparable to steel, in the event of a collision can support the vehicle structure, protect the passengers' safety.

S plasticity, can let the car manufacturers to provide the ability to define its brand's unique design.

S multi-function, can be integrated into other metals, combined with other materials such as plastic, light to enhance specific attributes.

S corrosion resistance by the use of special coating, spray paint can enhance the features and processing, prolong service life.

S can be an infinite loop, in terms of ecological advantages and sustainability, is the most ideal material consumer choice.

Mold material is mainly used for:

S body core structure and module accessories, including doors, roof and side coaming

S component vice frame, brackets and bumper

S automotive trim and closed


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