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abstract:---------------- 20 # steel 20 refers to the carbon content of 0.2%, belong to the low car...

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Product brief introduction

20 # steel 20 refers to the carbon content of 0.2%, belong to the low carbon steel.
In steel can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel.

Less than 0.25% carbon content: low carbon steel in general;
Medium carbon steel is generally between 0.25 ~ 0.60%;
High carbon steel is generally greater than 0.60%.

In addition to contain carbon (C) elements in steel and for DNA containing a certain amount of silicon (Si) (generally no more than 0.40%), manganese (Mn), high (generally no more than 0.80%, to 1.20%) alloy elements, excluding other alloying elements (except for residual element)

Distinguish between iron and steel, carbon content less than 2.11% for steel, iron carbon content is higher than 2.11%;
The higher the carbon content in steel its toughness, the lower the carbon content in the iron its toughness is better.


(1) the characteristics of the carbon steel belongs to high quality low carbon steel, cold extrusion, carburizing and hardening steel.
The low steel strength, toughness, plasticity and weldability are good.
Tensile strength of 253-500 mpa, the elongation is 24% or higher.

20 characteristics and 15 steel are similar, but slightly higher intensity.
Application: suitable for making cars, tractors and general machinery manufacturing building is not very important in small and medium-sized carburizing and carbonitriding and other parts, such as car hand brake shoe, fork lever shaft, transmission speed, transmission driven gear and the tractor on the camshaft, hanging equalizer axle, equalizer, inner and outer bushing, etc.;
In the condition of hot rolling or normalizing used in the manufacture of force is not big, but all kinds of high toughness requirement of mechanical parts;
In medium and heavy machinery industry, such as forging or suppression of rod, shackle, leverage, sleeve, fixture, etc.
In steam turbine and boiler manufacturing for more pressure or less 6 n/square, the temperature of 450 ℃ or less corrupt media work of pipes, flanges, header, and various kinds of fasteners;
On the railway and locomotive vehicles used in the manufacture of the crosshead and piston castings.

Normalizing can promote the ball, and refine the massive proeutectoid ferrite, improvement is less than 160 HBS blank cutting performance.

The steel mold parts processing route as follows: the blanking - forging die blanks - annealing to mechanical rough machining, cold extrusion molding to recrystallization annealing, mechanical finishing to carburizing, quenching and tempering to grinding and polishing, assembling.

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