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Product name:15CrMo

abstract:---------------- Material specification15 crmo steel of pearlitic heat-resisting stee...

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Product brief introduction

 Material specification

15 crmo steel of pearlitic heat-resisting steel, has high heat intensity at high temperature sex (the delta p b 440 mpa) and oxidation resistance, and has a certain hydrogen corrosion resistance.
Because the steel containing higher content of Cr, C and other alloying elements, steel hardening tendency is more obvious, poor weldability.

Execution standard

GB/T 3077-2006 steel standard GB/T11251-2009, wuyang enterprise standards and military standards.


Welding material

Aimed at the working characteristics of 15 crmo steel weldability, based on past experience, with reference to foreign provide welding process card, we selected two kinds of schemes are welding test.

Solution Ⅰ: welding preheating, the ER80S - B2L welding wire, TIG welding, E8018 - B2 welding rod, welding rod arc welding, covering local heat treatment after welding.

Scheme Ⅱ: the ER80S - B2L welding wire, TIG welding, E309Mo - 16 electrodes, filling arc welding electrode covering, without heat treatment after welding.
Welding wire and electrode chemical composition and mechanical properties are shown in table 1.

Product Parameter

Technical Equipment


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