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Product name:Q345D

abstract:----------------Q345D Is China's commonly used low alloy steel.    1.Q345D A low alloy...

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Product brief introduction

Q345D Is China's commonly used low alloy steel.


  1.Q345D A low alloy steel plate


  2.Execution standard:GB/T1591-2008 《High strength low alloy structural steel》


  3.Q345D Stell and Q345A、B、C Steel To compare。Low temperature impact test of low temperature (20 ℃ - minimum 27 j)


  4.Contain harmful substance P, S amount is lower than Q345A, B, C, mechanical performance is good.


  5.Higher market prices Q345A, B, C




  1 Brand representation


  Steel grades represented by the yield strength of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, the yield strength value, quality grade symbol of three parts, such as: Q345D.
Among them:

Q - steel yield strength of the "bow" words in Chinese pinyin first;

345 - yield strength value, unit MPa;

D - quality grades of D (level is divided into A, B, C, D, E)

When the buyer need steel plates with thickness direction performance of the above provisions, the brand and represent the thickness direction (Z) performance level of symbol, for example: Q345DZ15.

2 perform standard: GB/T1591 (GB/T3274).

Product Parameter

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