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Product name:00Cr22Ni5Mo3N

abstract:----------------Sweden after 3 re60 duplex stainless steel is developed, and the oil and g...

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Product brief introduction

Sweden after 3 re60 duplex stainless steel is developed, and the oil and gas industry pipeline material developed SAF2205 steel first, people the ASTM A789, A790, A240, A276 standards, such as the brand for UNS S31803;
Since the 1980 s, countries have developed similar steel grade, and incorporated into the standard。

Product Parameter

00Cr22Ni5Mo3N:(C)≤0.03,  (Mn)≤2.0,  (Ni)5.0~6.0, (Si)≤1.0, (P)≤0.03, (S)≤0.02, (Cr) 21.0~23.0, (N)0.12~0.20, (Mo)2.75~3.25

Technical Equipment

China began to be developed in the 1980 s also quite SAF2205 steel 00 cr22ni5mo3n duplex stainless steel, it is in the neutral chloride solution and H2S stress corrosion resistance is better than 304 l, 316 l austenitic stainless steel and 18-5 mo type duplex stainless steel.
For cold and hot working and forming, welding, the steel is used as a structural material, is now the world applied widely in the duplex stainless steel grades.


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