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Product name:316L

abstract:----------------316LStainless steel in seawater and other medium, corrosion resistance is ...

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Product brief introduction

316LStainless steel in seawater and other medium, corrosion resistance is better than 0 cr19ni9.
Mainly used as corrosion resistant material

Product Parameter

 C :≤0.030  Si:≤1.00


 S :≤0.030

 P :≤0.045




Technical Equipment

Most of the existing 316 l are on the market according to the American standard to production.
For cost reasons, steel mills generally the product of Ni content as far as possible away from lower limit.
American standard regulation, the Ni content is 10 to 14% of the 316 l, Japanese standard, regulation, the Ni content of 316 l of 12 ~ 15%.
According to the minimum standard, American standard and Japanese standard on the Ni content is 2% of the difference, reflect on the price is quite large, so the customer is 316 l products still need to see when the choose and buy, the products are with reference to ASTM and JIS standard.


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