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CRL METAL(SUZHOU) CO.,LTD is located in China, is one of the most professional metal material suppliers China.

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CRL  About us

CRL METAL(SUZHOU) CO.,LTD is one of the most professional METAL material suppliers in China.. Company diversified varieties of materials, supplies nearly one thousand kinds of varieties of metallic materials: business brand steel has: a Swedish wins best. Japan's Hitachi. Datong, Japan. The Japanese Nippon steel., Germany. The Finn coke. French steel. Paul Austria. Italy stefano lucchini. South Korea's posco. High frequency of Japan. Japan nachi. American kerner tungsten steel. Agent domestic large steel mills are taigang, baotou steel, days steel, tangshan, Qin Gang, anshan iron and steel, benxi steel, handan, shougang, etc.

Company has high precision, high efficiency of modern processing place and nc machine tools and complete inspection, inspection process, and introduce the international advanced management experience, absorb excellent scientific research achievements, constantly innovate, to produce high quality products. Some products lead to fill the domestic blank, by the user's trust and praise. Camp concept: good faith for the soul god reward those who work hard

We advocate:
A, creative and realize the value of customers, and then share the value of customers.
Second, the customer is always right, but we don't have accurate positioning the needs of customers.
Three, the respect and trust each and every member of the team, their personal dreams and our cause together, through the unremitting efforts and innovation to achieve our common goal.
Four, concentrate on doing his best, action, preferring to stay away from the temptation of non-core business.
Five, meritocracy, evolution, reuse the most suitable person, not the best people.
Six, the right attitude towards the 80/20 principle, customer, big or small business, big or small, is the key to realize the value of customers with our excellent service, to achieve regional market reputation.
Seven, always keep a optimistic attitude, take every setbacks and tribulations of life as to accumulate wealth, full of heart to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our company has been a loyal attitude, honesty, service more into the service, the pursuit of more than for the purpose. Try my best to adapt to different market demand, to provide more perfect service, in order to realize the new breakthrough, I hope you can accept and to share our sincere service. We will continue to develop, and strive to create unlimited business opportunities for customers.

The enterprise culture

One-stop solution provider

A, personality customization/Customized

According to the different needs of different customers customized belong to your product
Many years of industry experience, many fortune 500 companies cooperation experience create the most suitable products for you
Gather market the best quality of steel grade, better provide customers with the best quality products and satisfied
Special product customer demand.
Our commitment: to provide our customers the best quality steel products and services so that customers get high productivity and high quality
The products of

Second, Adequate Customized

Industry well-known brands, sales leads, industry experience, industry advanced equipment and senior technical personnel, rich product variety and sufficient cash resources.
Our excellent sales team can help you according to different environment applications, recommend the most suitable material. Through our 24-hour service, provide a very short delivery time and delivery in time. Our machining service on time for customers to save the time spent on machining and logistics

Third, professional delivery/Distribution

Through our 24-hour service, provide a very short delivery time and delivery in time. Our machining on time Service for the customer to save the time spent on machining and logistics. The company has a lot of knowledge, including new technologies, Case studies, periodicals, product information and other resources, share with you - our valued customers. The company has professional distribution team, package your satisfaction. Let you worry.


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