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Medical program

Growing market challenges

Aging, more and more obese people. Costs are rising and health care spending is falling. Change the hospital from disease detection to prevention into a large network.

In the face of this challenge, new equipment needs to be diagnosed and treated faster, safer and more reliable, and improves the comfort of the patient and the operator. The manufacturer of the original equipment needs suppliers to provide the highest quality components and engineering expertise to bring new equipment to the market.

The super alloy provided by the Macau metal is a miracle for many modern medical devices and equipment. From the knee and hip implant, Department of orthopedics screws, dental implants, spinal implants, cardiac stent and pacemaker leads, our titanium, stainless steel and superalloy provide help for the strength, formability and biocompatibility of medical products.

Global inventory

Macau metal is a few global inventories with a full range of stainless steel and titanium alloys to meet your medical needs. We strictly monitor the material and guarantee the quality requirements specified by the ASTM standard. Our global global inventory alloys have been used to make Department of orthopedics screws, bone plates, hip and knee implants, dental implants and medical devices.

Value-added service

Aaforward metal has more than 10 years of professional experience in the supply of special alloys. Our professional sales group is proud of providing unique services. Our global value-added services include: water jet cutting, laser cutting, high precision plasma cutting, plasma cutting, cutting machine, Kaiping, straightening and blank transformation. Our metallurgists are willing to solve the problems in materials and manufacturing and provide a large amount of technical data for you.

Titanium - the best (metal) friend of human beings

Titanium has been proved to be special biocompatibility and modified accordingly. Titanium and titanium alloys are classified as compatible, corrosion-resistant, allergic, neutral, non carcinogenic, nontoxic, and neutral. In addition, their mechanical properties, such as light weight, high strength and high elasticity, make them suitable for medical engineering applications, such as implants in the human body.

Commercial pure titanium and titanium alloys have been applied for many years, and have wide range of applications in the medical field, including:

- joint replacement components of hip, knee, shoulder, spine, elbow and hand

- bone fixation device, such as nails, screws, nuts and plate

- dental implants and orthodontic and dental restoration

In the pacemaker housing and artificial heart valve

- instrument heart and eye surgery

- high speed centrifuge blood components

There is no better metal than titanium to the human body.


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