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Non - standard customization

Special industry solutions


Special processing tasks require unusual selection solutions

In the field of "industrial solution", our material engineers and workshop technicians combined the final results screened in the rationalization project to confirm the whole scheme of non-standard customization. If the use of non - standard materials is meaningful, we will provide materials that can be delivered and used in the shortest possible time according to the situation of the work. Non - standard customization covers: special size, specified quantity, special standard and so on.


Chang Ruilong To help you


All non - standard custom solutions are designed by our engineering experts for you!

We not only provide customer - oriented comprehensive customization solutions, but also provide global services and technical support. What you have gained is the high quality and high precision that can not be compromised.

Here, we not only for the automotive, energy, railway, aviation and other industries to provide non-standard special materials, but also provide for the European standard, Japanese standard, American Standard and other special technical standards for customized solutions.

In general machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing, water pump manufacturing and oil and gas industry, Australian engineers have been working hard to design and develop economic non-standard solutions to deal with all kinds of special challenges. We can also guarantee the reliability and safety of non conventional materials in special industries.

We are an experienced partner to help you successfully complete the special workshop task.


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