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Product name:Monel400

abstract:----------------MONEL 400 And deformation processing of nickel - copper nickel base alloy,...

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Product brief introduction

MONEL 400 And deformation processing of nickel - copper nickel base alloy, has the very good resistance to sea water corrosion and chemical corrosion resistance, resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking performance is strong.
The alloy is one of the few can use the alloy in fluoride.
In hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas medium has the very good oxide stress cracking corrosion resistance, such as water, salt water environment.

In the medium concentration of alkali and salt solution, MONEL 400 also has very good corrosion resistance.

In a cold alkaline environment, the alloy used in weak acid, such as sulfur, hydrogen environment.

From zero to 550 ℃ high temperature have good mechanical properties, easy to welding.

Product Parameter

Monel400 Is a kind of dosage the biggest, the most useful and comprehensive performance excellent corrosion resistant alloy.
The alloy in hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas medium has excellent corrosion resistance, the hot strong alkali and has excellent corrosion resistance.
Also resistant to neutral solution, water and sea water, atmosphere, organic compounds, such as corrosion.
An important feature of the alloy is generally do not produce stress corrosion crack, good cutting performance.

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