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Product name:3cr13

abstract:----------------Martensitic type stainless steel, the steel mechanical processing performa...

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Product brief introduction

Martensitic type stainless steel, the steel mechanical processing performance is good, after heat treatment (quenching tempering), it has excellent corrosion resistance and polishing performance of high strength and wear resistance, suitable for manufacturing under high load, high wear resistance and corrosion medium under the action of plastic mold.
After tempering treatment hardness under HRC30 3 cr13 material workability is good, easy to achieve better surface quality.
And hardness than the HRC30 the parts processing, although surface quality is good, but the tool is easy to wear.
So, after the materials into the factory, first conditioning treatment on the hardness of HRC25 ~ 30, then to machining.

Product Parameter

 C :0.26~0.35   



 S :≤0.030   

 P :≤0.035   



Technical Equipment

Delivery status: general with heat treatment state delivery, its heat treatment type specified in the contract;
Not specified, the heat treatment state delivery.


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