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Product name:DC53

abstract:---------------- DC53 is a new type of cold work die steel modified by Datong Special Stee...

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Product brief introduction

DC53 is a new type of cold work die steel modified by Japan Datong Special Steel Co., Ltd. for SKD11. Its technical specifications are contained in the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) G4404. It overcomes the weakness of SKD11 high-temperature tempering hardness and toughness, and will fully replace SKD11's high-strength universal cold work tool steel in the field of general-purpose and precision molds. 

Product Parameter

Carbon C: 1.00 silicon Si: 0.91 manganese Mn: 0.32 chromium Cr: 8.00 molybdenum Mo: 2.00 vanadium V: 0.28 phosphorus p: 0.007 

Technical Equipment

After high temperature tempering up to HRC63, it is conducive to precision cutting die for wire cutting and punching die for various applications. Hard-to-machine materials for plastic deformation tools. Cold forging, deep drawing and reeling die. High speed blanking punch, stainless steel plate punch 


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