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Product name:Cr12MoV

abstract:---------------- Cold work mold steel, steel hardenability, quenching and tempering hardne...

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Product brief introduction

Cold working die steel, steel hardenability, quenching and tempering hardness, wear resistance, strength are higher than Cr12. Various cold punching dies and tools with complex shapes and heavy working conditions, such as punching dies, trimming dies, edging dies, deep drawing dies, circular saws, standard tools and gauges, thread rolling dies, etc.

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Carbon C: 1.45 to 1.70 Silicon Si: ≤ 0.40 Manganese Mn: ≤ 0.40 Sulfur S: ≤ 0.030 Phosphorus P: ≤ 0.030 Chromium Cr: 11.00 to 12.50 Nickel Ni: Allowable residual content ≤ 0.25 Copper Cu: Allowable residual content ≤ 0.30 Vanadium : 0.15 to 0.30 Mo Mo: 0.40 to 0.60 

Product Parameter

Cr12MoV mold steel hardenability, quenching and tempering after the hardness, strength, toughness than CR12, the diameter of 300 ~ 400mm below the workpiece can be completely quenched, quenching deformation is small, but the high temperature plasticity is poor. Cr12MoV is mostly used to make molds and tools with large cross-sections, complex shapes, and heavy work loads. Such as punching die, trimming die, piping die, steel and so on. 

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