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Product name:Q235C/A 284GRB/SAPH38/Fe360C

abstract:----------------GB/T 700-2006 Standard of carbon structural steel Q235 by metallurgical qu...

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Product brief introduction

GB/T 700-2006 Standard of carbon structural steel Q235 by metallurgical quality is divided into A, B, C, D four grades, steel chemical composition for each level

Q235A Contains C ≤0.22% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.050 P ≤0.045

Q235B Contains C ≤0.20% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.045 P ≤0.045

Q235C Contains C ≤0.17% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.040 P ≤0.040

Q235D Contains C ≤0.17% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.035 P ≤0.035

There are a number of domestic application of low carbon martensite was strongly quenching process manufacturing cold instance for the mold.

Using the double glow ion permeability metal technology, in the steel surface Mo - Cr altogether permeability, then super saturated carburizing, quenching and tempering of composite processing, Mo - Cr = 100 microns in devoting to layer thickness, surface Mo content can reach 20%, Cr content is 10%, the super saturated carburizing surface carbon content more than 2.0%, surface composition close to molybdenum high speed steel, surface after quenching and tempering hardness up to 1300 hv, than general metallurgy high speed steel.
Wear test showed that the friction coefficient increases with the increase of contact stress, the average relative wear resistance is 2.2 times of GCr15 carburizing and quenching steel.

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